NBA 2K17 1.07 Update: Over-dribbling Fix, Contested Three Nerfs, and More; Official Patch Notes Soon

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nba 2k17 1.07 update

2K Games has just released an NBA 2K17 1.07 Update and it is now live for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. The NBA 2K17 1.07 Update would be one of the biggest ones that the game would receive this year and it would require at least 7.5 GB of space. Considering the amount of memory space that the update would bring, there are a lot of changes that would be coming in NBA 2K17.

Mike Yang, the Game Director for NBA 2K17, has posted in his official Twitter account several of the changes that would be implemented by the NBA 2K17 1.07 Update. 2K Games has not yet released the official NBA 2K17 1.07 patch notes so Yang’s Tweets can be used as a guide for the changes that were made.

One of the Tweets that Yang made was about over-dribbling. There would be a noticeable drop in the field goal percentage with the NBA 2K17 1.07 Update. Contested three-pointers would receive nerf once the tuning update for the patch is implemented any time on December 8.

Yang explained in his other Tweets that over-dribbling is when players would command their athletes to keep running around with the Left Stick in zig-zag, left and right, and back and forth directions. They have included an anti-cheese code in the previous NBA 2K16 but it was not working as intended in NBA 2K17 so they have decided to fix it.

With the over-dribbling fix, Shot Creators would most likely benefit in the NBA 2K17 1.07 Update since they are the ones capable of doing legit over-dribbling moves. Other stereotypes would have difficulty shooting the ball without any help from their teammates.

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NBA 2K17 1.07 Update: Official Patch Notes?

It looks like that 2K Games is promoting a healthier gaming environment in the game with the NBA 2K17 1.07 Update. Since over-dribbling would lower the shooting percentage of athletes if they hold on the ball for too long, they would have no other choice but to pass it to others.

Another noticeable change that Yang has posted is the nerf on contested three-pointers. However, this change would only be implemented in the Pro-Am and MyPark Mode so the percentage rate for contested threes for other modes would stay the same.

NBA 2K17 players are still discovering the changes that 2K Games has implemented in the game. It would not be long until 2K Games would post the official NBA 2K17 1.07 patch notes most probably in their official Facebook page.

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