Netizens Shocked: Miss Haiti Should’ve Been Miss Universe 2017 Winner

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Miss Universe 2017
Netizens claim that the crown was stolen from Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier. Image Source: Youtube / PagentryNow

Steve Harvey declared the new Miss Universe 2017, and the crowd favorite didn’t win. When the competition revealed the top 9 contestants, Heavy recapped the ladies included. The top 9 top contenders are USA, Kenya, Haiti, Thailand, Mexico, France, Canada, Colombia, and the Philippines.  

Of these 9, the top online picks are Colombia, the Philippines, and Haiti. Online searches and forums picked Miss Haiti as the top contender for the crown.

People are also posting on social media their support for Haiti. Hundreds of people on Twitter and Facebook declared their support for Haiti, but they were all heart-broken. Steve Harvey announced that France was the winner of this year’s Miss Universe. The internet, quite expectedly, burst into action.

Miss France wins Miss Universe 2017

Moments before the winner was revealed, Twitter was filled with predictions that Haiti will take the crown. Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier was the popular choice among the international community, especially among Filipinos, whose country is hosting the event.

Fans posted on social media their disappointment. The internet exploded when the popular choice wasn’t declared the winner. Steve Harvey proclaimed Miss Haiti as first-runner up, and Colombia came in at third. Harvey then declared that 23-year-old Iris Mittenaere had won and takes her reign for a year. 

People expressed disappointment over the announcement, saying that Haiti deserved the crown more than France. Opinions differ, however, saying that France’s answer to the questions made her a winner deserving of the crown.

Pelissier recounted her harrowing experience seven years ago, during the earthquake that devastated her country. Netizens connected with her positivity and great fortitude.


Miss Universe 2017: Who is Miss Haiti?

Fans praised the answer of Miss Haiti. Pelissier told the audience how she survived the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Pelissier’s entire town was decimated by the earthquake, according to the official Miss Universe website. Miss Haiti also says that the experience made her “value life and fight for her goals and dreams.”

Haiti has both intelligence and beauty since she is currently taking a master’s degree in Optometry and Vision in her home country. France will reign as Miss Universe 2016-2017 and will take the crown from Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach.

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