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New $65 Xbox One Controller Colors Revealed: Price, Specs & Release Date

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xbox one controller
Microsoft is introducing two new colors of the Xbox One wireless controller. (Photo from Twitter/Xbox)

Microsoft is adding two more color options to its fairly wide selection of Xbox One controllers to satisfy nearly anyone’s color palette preference. One in red and the other in green, the tech giant announced the two latest addition on its official website.


First up is the Red controller which Windows Central notes Microsoft has already launched this week. It’s called Red but it actually boasts two different shades of the color.

Microsoft painted the backside and bumpers in deep red and the front buttons and joysticks in a lighter, crimson tone. The same dark red also coats the XYAB buttons with the letters having the same light color as the front.

This variant of the Xbox Wireless controller is now available in the US from both the Microsoft Store and Gamestop for $65. Although the producer said it has already started shipping to retailers worldwide since January 10.

xbox one controller

The new Xbox One Controller, now in Red. (Photo from Microsoft)


Meanwhile, the other new Xbox One controller is Green, which has a Halo-esque look to it. Just like the first one, Gamespot reports it also features a two-toned design.  It packs a laurel, matte Green base color with some Orange highlights, the latter being limited to the area behind the analog sticks.

The lighter green sits up in the front while the darker shade rings in the back. The former covers the bumper buttons, though, as well as the XYAB buttons. The latter tone, on the other hand, highlights the XYAB letters. Its only similarity from the first controller is the Blue, Yellow, Green, Red colors of the original Xbox controller printed between the XYAB buttons.

xbox one controller

The new Xbox One controller, now in Green. (Photo from Microsoft)

The Green variant costs the same price as the Red one. It’s available exclusively in two retailers as well: the Microsoft Store and Walmart. However, it’s not launching until Tuesday next week, January 24.

Both are the newest iteration of the wireless controller which debuted at E3 last year alongside the Xbox One S. Regardless of the color, both controllers house all the features of the latest Xbox Wireless Controller. That includes a textured grip on the back and Bluetooth for easy PC connection.

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