NieR Automata Gameplay Reveals New Boss & Level

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NieR Automata Gameplay
PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/BagoGames | 2B, the protagonist of NieR Automata, goes head to head against a machine.

Square Enix will release NieR Automata soon in Japan and, so far, PlayStation Japan has revealed one a new boss and level. PlayStation Japan has uploaded in its YouTube channel a NieR Automata gameplay video featuring the said boss and level. The video shows YoRHA No. 2 Model B or 2B, the main protagonist of the game, battling against a giant metal robot in a circular arena.

The video shows how the fight transitioned from an overhead view of both characters into a 3D one. PlatinumGames developed NieR Automata in a way that players no longer have to re-play the first NieR before the game. The first NieR told a mature story with incredible music and different playstyles but had disappointing visuals and weak combat.

According to Heavy, Square Enix hired PlatinumGames in order to improve the combat system of NieR Automata. Along with its already awesome soundtrack and mature story line, NieR Automata became one of the most anticipated games. Compared to the previous NieR, the upcoming one will have more action-packed battle system.

NieR Automata Gameplay: Plot & Setting

NieR Automata begins several years after the fourth ending of the first game which retains the dark story line. The game would take place within the Drakengard Universe and is considered as the spin-off of its series. The plot mostly features the post-apocalyptic world where the last remnants of humanity have to struggle against the machines.

Humans have to fight against the army of machines from another world in order for them to survive. Instead of fighting the machines themselves, they have sent down groups of androids known as YoRHa. These YoRHa follows the orders of the people stationed in a base that stays close to the Earth’s orbit.

YoRHA No. 2 Model B or 2B, the main character, would fight alongside YoRHa No. 9 Model S or 9s. Meanwhile, another YoRHA, Model A No. 2 or A2, would observe 2B and 9S as she prefers to go solo. As the player progresses within the game, they will encounter more robotic personalities from the first NieR.

The Nier Automata gameplay would feature a fast-paced environment where some players might not adapt easily in to. Those having difficulty with the game’s fast-paced environment can use the implemented Auto Mode by the developers. The Auto Mode allows 2B to utilize a collection of Auto Chips that allows her to move depending on the chip chosen.

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