Nintendo Labo Enhances Gaming With the Switch Using DIY Cardboard Kits

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Nintendo Labo
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It seems the Nintendo Switch continues to come up with even more innovations to build on its concept. Most recently, Nintendo unveiled the newest add-on for the Switch: the Nintendo Labo. Just what is the Nintendo Labo and how is it used with the Switch?

What is the Nintendo Labo?

Essentially, the Labo is a set of DIY (do-it-yourself) kits featuring cardboard sheets that can be turned into a variety of objects. Ranging from a piano to a robot-simulating suit, these objects can be used in conjunction with the Switch.

How does this work? Take the Toy-Con Piano as an example. Users can build a piano with the cardboard kit and utilize the Switch console with its Joy-Con to actually play the instrument. Another example is the Joy-Con Fishing Rod. With this, a fishing rod can be created out of the DIY kit. Players will then be able to play a fishing game — cardboard rod and all — with the Switch. Ultimately, it all makes for a very interactive experience.

While the Labo seems to be primarily targeted towards a younger audience, there’s no telling just how broad a market this concept will reach upon its launch. As per Nintendo’s announcement, the Labo will become available on April 20. Kits will come in two sets: a Variety Kit (which will cost $70) and a Robot Kit (with a price tag of $80). More information on the Nintendo Labo can be found here.

Netflix on the Nintendo Switch

In other Nintendo Switch news, rumors of a Netflix app for the popular console still continue to circulate to this day. Most recently, Netflix revealed that there are “currently no plans” to bring the streaming service to Nintendo’s console. However, just because there are no current plans does not necessarily mean that there is no chance at all.

Speaking to Polygon, a Netflix representative clarified that while there are no concrete plans with Nintendo, such a prospect is still being looked into. “We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don’t have definitive plans to share at this time,” said Netflix’s rep.

Currently, there are only two streaming services available for the Switch: Hulu and Niconico. Notably, however, Niconico is only available in Japan. As such, the Switch still has a variety of other options to explore when it comes to video streaming. The device initially launched sans video streaming services. Thus, it seems only fitting that more video streaming services be available later down the road. This is especially so after nearly a year since the Switch’s initial launch.

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