Nintendo NES Classic Back in Stock; Might be Your Last Chance Before New Year

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Nintendo NES Classic

Planning to do some last minute Christmas shopping? Then you’re in luck. The elusive Nintendo NES Classic is (again) back in stock in select stores in the US. The critically acclaimed gaming console was almost immediately sold out in most retail stores in the first week it was released last November. Since then, the Nintendo NES Classic has been one of the most sought after gadgets in the holiday season. Prices of the NES Classic soared because of the demand; the console is priced at around $200 on eBay.

But don’t fret now, holiday shoppers. Gamestop has just announced that it has some fresh stock of the sought after gaming console. You have to act fast though, the NES Classic is still flying out of shelves at an alarming rate.

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Where to buy the Nintendo NES Classic

The biggest game-focused retailer in the US, Gamestop, has restocked the NES Classic. According to the company, they’ll be resupplying their stores with the NES Classic starting today and tomorrow. Bad news for online shoppers though. According to Gamestop, they’ll only be restocking their physical retail stores; the restocking will not trickle down to their online retailing department.

Prospective buyers will do well to call their local Gamestop retailer first before rushing into the store. Find your nearest Gamestop store here.Nintendo NES Classic

The NES Classic still retails at $60. The gaming console entered the market last November 11, and was praised for its unique nostalgia inducing design and features. The NES Classic contains 30 built-in classic NES games like Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, and Metroid.

Where else to Buy?

Apart from Gamestop, shoppers might do well to try out the Nintendo store in New York, which is known to consistently have a stock of the NES Classic. Last Tuesday, Best Buy announced that they had a limited stock of the gaming console; lines outside Best Buy stores all over the US suddenly appeared.

The best way to hunt down the NES Classic is to bookmark websites like Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop, and Nintendo’s official website, and wait for some surprise announcements.

If you can’t wait for a store restocking, then better take you chances on eBay. But as we mentioned, this way will cost you  about $140 more than the usual price.

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