Nintendo NES Classic Mini in Stock at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Online

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Nintendo NES Classic

Having a hard time looking for the elusive Nintendo NES Classic? The nostalgic gaming console by Nintendo was released a month ago, to massive critical acclaim. However, the Nintendo NES Classic was almost immediately sold out everywhere, disappointing gaming fans and holiday shoppers alike. Nintendo was also criticized for not manufacturing enough units, although some speculate that Nintendo knowingly created few units, to create an artificial demand for the device.

Whatever the reason, the Nintendo NES Classic instantly became one of the most sought after devices this holiday season. You’ll be hardpressed to find any units now in online stores or retail stores alike.

The NES Classic can be bought on websites like eBay, but at massively inflated prices. The $60 NES Classic is priced at around $200 on eBay.

Never despair, online retail stores are now announcing some limited supply runs of the sought after device. Here’s where to look for the NES Classic.

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Best Buy restocking NES Classic soon

According to recent report by Forbes, a Best Buy representative told them that they will be having a limited re-stocking of the NES Classic this coming December 20. This not only for their physical stores, but also for their website. Keep checking Best Buy’s official website.

Amazon’s Portland store will restock soon

Reports have come in that Amazon’s portland store will soon have limited stocks of the gaming console. Supplies of the Nintendo NES CLassic will trickle down to other Amazon stores in the next few days. Keep checking Amazon’s website for surprise announcements like the one made on Twitter a few days ago. Check it out below:

Best chance to buy Nintendo NES Classic is in New York

The surest way to get a Nintendo NES Classic is to go to the Nintendo store in New York. The store is known to be consistently re-stocking their NES Classic supplies. Keep checking their official Twitter account for announcements.

Target has also been known to restock on their supply of the NES classic, but if you can’t wait for any of these options, the surest way is to look for a reseller on eBay. Be prepared to pay a hefty price though, prices have soared to around $300, especially now that Christmas is near at hand.

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