Nissan ProPILOT Tech Creates Self-Driving Slippers for Your Home

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Nissan ProPILOT
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As times change, so do innovations in technology. While the concept of self-driving cars may be uncommon, it isn’t technically unheard of. But what about self-driving slippers?

Most recently, Nissan developed just exactly that: self-driving slippers that are capable of parking themselves in order to further declutter your space at home. The Nissan self-driving slippers seem a bit arbitrary, but they work, and with this innovation comes its own set of advantages for your everyday life.

Nissan Self-Driving Slippers: How do They Work?

Nissan’s self-driving slippers are powered by a system that utilizes the company’s ProPILOT Assist technology. As some may be aware, ProPILOT is Nissan’s autonomous driving technology that eases a driver’s workload by assisting in steering, braking, and accelerating in its full automatic mode. Now, Nissan is putting that technology to even more use by implementing it in house slippers.

The Nissan self-driving slippers feature two small wheels, a motor, and sensors that enable them to navigate their way towards a predetermined location. Along with the slippers are a set of cushions and tables that are also powered by the same self-driving technology.

Nissan ProPILOT Park

The self-driving slippers, cushions, and tables are all featured in Nissan’s upcoming guesthouse. Called the ProPILOT Park Ryokan, this popup hotel is located in Hakone, southwest of Tokyo. Upon entry, guests are greeted by a pair of self-driving slippers for them to wear. Once discarded, the slippers will then drive themselves back to the entrance and park accordingly.

The guesthouse is part of Nissan’s ongoing efforts to bring more publicity towards automated driving technologies. The campaign is further reinforced by implementing Nissan’s autonomous driving technology in everyday objects — such as the aforementioned slippers. Reportedly, the Nissan ProPILOT Park will open in March 2018.

“The self-parking slippers are meant to raise awareness of automated driving technologies, and their potential, non-driving applications,” explains Nissan spokesman Nick Maxfield.

What’s Next for Nissan?

Previously, the 2018 Nissan LEAF was unveiled to be an electric vehicle that boasts of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility. This technology allows for accelerating and braking at the use of just one pedal, among other things. The electric car also utilizes the Nissan ProPILOT Assist system and features other technologies such as Automatic Emergency Braking and e-Pedal.

Though the Nissan LEAF is by no means entirely self-driving, Nissan does have plans of releasing such a vehicle in the near future. As per reports, Nissan intends to come out with a vehicle that can drive itself on city streets by the year 2020. Only time will tell if the automobile market will indeed advance to such heights by then.

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