No Man’s Sky Freighters: Interstellar Freighters, Crew Recruitment, Resource Transfer, and More

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No Man's Sky Freighters

Hello Games has introduced a new update for their latest game, No Man’s Sky. The Foundation Update includes several new features that made up for the game’s past flaws. One of the latest features of the game are No Man’s Sky freighters and here are some of the things to know about this latest feature.

Aside from No Man’s Sky freighters, developer Hello Games has introduced three different game modes, base building, farming, making camp, and a lot more. Base building might be the highlight of this update but No Man’s freighters are still useful, especially when exploring different planets and galaxies.

One of the No Man’s Sky freighters are the Huge Interstellar Freighters. They can be purchased but they do not come in cheap. They can be called from anywhere in the galaxy and players can store resources and stockpile goods for transport and trading.


Like the base building feature, the freighters in No Man’s Sky can also be customized within the base building section. After filling up the default space allocated for resources and goods storage, players can extend cargo holds for future stockpiling of said items.

The freighters in No Man’s Sky have only limited capacity so the availability of future upgrades to further expand and extend the cargo can help deal with that problem. Aside from being a storage for stockpiling resources and other goods, No Man’s Sky freighters can also be used to grow crops of rare resources on board.


The price of resources and goods are based on the galaxy or system that the player is in. One is completely different from the other and certain resources and goods are worth more in other systems or galaxies.

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No Man’s Sky Freighters: Sell and Transfer Items

No Man’s Sky freighters can be used to transport the stockpiled resources and goods into a different galaxy or system where it can be sold for a higher price. It will help players to maximize earnings so one can say that this is also another way of making money easily and quickly.

Like the base building feature in No Man’s Sky, players can also hire with the all new recruitment feature, a crew for No Man’s Sky freighters. Engineer, farmers, weapons, and science specialists can be hired by players to help research new technology.

The No Man’s Sky Foundation Update is a huge update that fans of the game wished for. It has, so far, gotten positive response and has fixed some of the bugs and glitches of the game. Hello Games has definitely stepped it up a notch to improve their game, No Man’s Sky.


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