No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Build a Base in the Foundation Update

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No Man's Sky Guide

No Man’s Sky has just been uploaded with the latest Foundation Update and it has introduced several features in the game. One of which is the most awaited feature, the base building. Here is a No Man’s Sky guide on how to claim your home planet and build a base in the PlayStation 4.

To start this No Man’s Sky base building guide, you must first claim your home planet by finding an uninhabited base where you could create your own. Press L3 to scan a hospitable base in a planet. Then, you will discover “Habitable Base.”

Proceed to that “Habitable Base” and speed up time if the travel time is long. Upon reaching the destination, you will see a small cylindrical room where you can begin building your base. First, you have to claim the base by looking for the computer with a triangle on its monitor.

Interact with the computer by pressing and holding down the square button or whatever your assigned button is for interaction. It will then prompt a question whether or not you want to claim the planet you are in as your home planet.

No Man's Sky Guide

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No Man’s Sky Guide: Procedures

Read, or not, whatever is written as a No Man’s Sky guide in building a base. Then hover your cursor to “Claim Home Planet” and press and hold the X Button. Press the Up Button on the D-Pad to bring up the building toolkit to start building your base in No Man’s Sky in the claimed home planet.

In order to build a No Man’s Sky base, you have to have enough proper resources gathered for each modular structure and decorations you are planning to include in your base. As your base grows, you will be able to recruit alien lifeforms that will help you research new technology.

You will also be able to hire farming, engineer, weapons, and science specialists from Space Station once you have managed to expand your base even further. You can easily teleport to your base at will by using the Terminus Teleporters in Space Stations.

Expanding your base with Storage Containers is a good way to stockpile resources and items collected throughout the galaxy while exploring. What is better is that you can move bases when you find an even better settlement to stay in. All of the used resources in the previous base can be fully refunded for a new base.

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