No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Mode May Soon Come After Foundation Update

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No Man’s Sky multiplayer

When No Man’s Sky was released on August 9, 2016, people had very high expectation from it. With the hype that developer Hello Games has built up, people were disappointed that there was no No Man’s Sky multiplayer mode. With the release of the Foundation Update, there might be a chance that a No Man’s Sky multiplayer mode would come true.

Sean Murray and Hello Games made it clear that No Man’s Sky was going to be a single-player game but they hinted that there are chances that players might be able to see each other if they are in the same location at the same time.

Two friends tested this before upon the release of No Man’s Sky but as soon as they arrived at the same spot at the same time, they could not see each other. That test led to the conclusion that there are no chances for players to see each other in the game.

A lot of No Man’s Sky fans were disappointed at the result. There are quintillion of planets in No Man’s Sky but there is only you, a single player, so having all the space in the game would be put to a waste if there is only one person traveling the galaxy.


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No Man’s Sky Multiplayer: False Advertising?

Since No Man’s Sky lacked some of the promised features at the launch of the game, Hello Games received at least 20 complaints from those who bought the game. The developer company mostly received complaints for false advertising.

People have complained that what Hello Games has shown in the No Man’s Sky’s Steam advertisement was different from what is in the game. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) from the United Kingdom conducted an investigation regarding this matter.

Hello Games was able to counter the complainants’ arguments by stating that the company pointed out that No Man’s Sky was procedurally generated and that the content found in the game would not exactly match the advertisements.

Since Hello Games is continuously adding more features in No Man’s Sky, it could mean that there is still room for a No Man’s Sky multiplayer mode that almost all the fans want. Developers have already added the base building and freighter features, those could be a hint towards a multiplayer feature.

Bringing in a No Man’s Sky multiplayer mode would mean other features such as space battles with freighters and avatar customization, to ensure that everyone would look different from others. Hello Games has definitely brought a lot in the table in their Foundation Update so there is nothing stopping them in doing the same in the future.

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