No Man’s Sky Patch 1.12: Bugs, Crashes, and NPCs Fix, Azerty Keyboard Support, and More

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No Man's Sky Patch 1.12

Hello Games, developer of No Man’s Sky, is on a roll as it continues with the latest update, No Man’s Sky patch 1.12. No Man’s Sky patch 1.12 would be the next one to come after the Foundation Update of the game. The latest patch would address the main issues that No Man’s Sky players have been encountering in the game.

The No Man’s Sky patch 1.12 was deployed for all versions of the game. For the No Man’s Sky PC version, issues with unsupported mods have been fixed. No Man’s Sky now has a mod detection that would appear in a warning screen while the game is loading.

Hello Games have included a new method of installing mods so that No Man’s Sky players would no longer have difficulty whenever there is a new update for the game. There are issues before in No Man’s Sky that causes the game to break and not open whenever updating it while there are mods installed.

Those who have the Azerty keyboards for the PC version can now remap the building menu and quick command menus. The SLI issues that No Man’s Sky players have been encountering have been also taken notice.

If still encountered, No Man’s Sky players should disable TAA and it would be temporarily fixed. The SLI issues causes No Man’s Sky not to open but Hello Games are currently looking for a permanent solution for the said problem.

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No Man’s Sky Patch 1.12: Monitor Detection Fix

Monitor detection on PCs with third party remote desktop and screen sharing applications have been fixed so that No Man’s Sky would appear without a problem. No Man’s Sky players can now open the game through the .exe file without getting a Steam Init error.

For all No Man’s Sky versions, NPCs now give all the critical mission dialogues, the item transfer bug from the exosuit inventory to the starship inventory has been fixed, and crashing issues have been fixed temporarily.

Those who are still encountering crash issues in the game even after the No Man’s Sky patch 1.12 may send a crash report, including crash dumps, to Hello Games. The issues with underwater buildings not spawning without doors have also been fixed.

Underwater building without doors would not spawn in rare cases causing players unable to complete the NPC mission given. If the issue still persists, players should claim a new base, rebuild the NPC terminal, or remove the NPC terminal from the base and rebuild it in the Freighter.

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