Nokia 3310 Release Date & Price: Classic Phone Could Drop In May

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Nokia 3310
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons | The Nokia 3310 is making a comeback and new version is being packaged as a reliable second phone.

HMD Global might relaunch the Nokia 3310 in the upcoming Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona on Feb. 27, 2017. Although HMD Global plans on re-introducing the classic phone, the company will not release it the same day. However, multiple reports show that they might release it first in India in May 2017.

GSMA is organizing the upcoming Mobile World Congress which is a six-day event that will end on March 2, 2017. According to Indian Express, one dealer in New Delhi claims that the relaunched 3310 will arrive in India first. Considering the release in India, HMD Global might make the global release weeks after the first one.

Reports also say that the relaunched 3310 was “mind-blowing and very beautiful” despite being based off an old phone. HMD Global might have changed the design completely or it might have left some designs of the old 3310. Reports mentioned that HMD Global would only produce a limited quantity of the classic Nokia phone.

According to The Financial Express, HMD Global will start off with few relaunched 3310s before they would start producing again. The company would first test the relaunched mobile phone in India and wait for consumers’ response towards the relaunched phone. If the consumers would respond positively then HMD Global might start mass producing the 3310 for its international release.

HMD Global does not want to risk risking any of their money on something that might fail. The Indian source further confirms that the relaunched classic Nokia phone would have the price of at least Rs 3,000. According to him. The relaunched 3310 has no special features except that of the Nokia logo.

Nokia 3310: Nokia 3, Nokia 5 & Nokia 6

Aside from the relaunched 3310, HMD Global would also release the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and the Nokia 6 this year. The company aims to release the Nokia 6 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2017. As of now, only China has the exclusive chance to purchase and use the Nokia 6 smartphone.

HMD Global would also make the Nokia 6 smartphone available soon in other countries, starting with India. The company would set the price for the Nokia 6 smartphone around Rs 20,000, more than six times the price of the relaunched 3310. Nokia first introduced the 3310 17 years ago which revolutionized the world of mobile phones with its simple features of text messaging, calls, clocks, pre-loaded games, and more.

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