One Punch Man Season 2 Airdate, Rumors: Saitama Falls In Love

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One Punch Man

Theres still no definite news yet about the release date of the One Punch Man anime series. Even so, spoilers and teasers about the upcoming plot points in season 2 are flooding the internet.

Fan theories speculate that a slew of new villains will be introduced in the next season of the One Punch Man TV series. A love interest might also be in order, to complicate the life of the series hero, Saitama.

Although the series finale showed fans the defeat of the main baddy, Lord Boros, rumors abound that he will return. The extremely powerful bald hero and the evil alien invader may have a glorious rematch in the upcoming season 2.

The One Punch Man creator still has no new news for fans about who the possible love interest for Saitama will be, but reports point to a possible love triangle with the supposed love interest and the other figure in the series.

Enemies that may come out in the second season of One Punch Man will be Lord Borros, Garou, and Amai Mask. Amai Mask will reportedly turn to the bad side because of his desire to rid the world of evil.

It has been recently reported by Gizmodo that an English dub version of One Punch Man series will be hitting Toonami really soon. “A surprise announcement at Anime Expo this weekend, the English dub of the show—which follows the laid-back superhero Saitama, who protects the City of Z from crazy villains and gigantic monsters with his ability to defeat any opponent in a single punch—is coming to the Toonami programming block in just a couple of weeks, debuting at Midnight on July 16th,” reports Gizmodo.
Fans of the series won’t have to wait long for the English dub version it seems, but followers of the anime will still have to wait for officials news about the second season of One Punch Man. Stay tuned here at TechPlz for more updates.

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