Paper-thin LG W Series TV Held Up With Magnetic Brackets Is Over $8,000

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LG W Series TV
PHOTOGRAPH: LG W Series TV | LG W Series TV looks sexy at 1-millimeter thick. (Screen grab from an Instagram post @voodoopapajuju CES)

LG W series TV has redefined flat screen viewing. Featuring an amazing 1-millimeter width, it sticks to your wall like a poster through a magnet.

It will go on sale this year for a decent $8,000. What else is special about this breakthrough TV interface?

LG W series TV: Full specs

There is no doubt that OLED technology provides the best digital display for modern electronic screens. However, the W series is also ultra-thin and flexible, delivering unique form factors. It weighs 1.9 kilograms only and contains a magnetic mat at the back. The magnet allows the users to stick it on a wall like printed advertisements.

Well, to remove the appliance from the living room, users just have to peel it off from the mat.  LG W series TV comes in two variants. The sizes, per CNET, are as follows:

·         65 inches

·         7 inches

On the other hand, all LG appliances will contain Wi-Fi capabilities. For one thing, the company boasts a new refrigerator with an Android touchscreen panel.

#Repost: @BBCNews-"#LG has unveiled a #TV that hugs the wall, protruding just a few millimetres beyond the surface it is hung on. The new design has been presented to the press at the CES tech show in #LasVegas" 😳📺 #WSHH

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CES 2017: Metal helpers

Are you ready for a robot invasion this year? LG reveals a series of metal helpers to make household chores a lot easier. A new lawn mower device debuted last Wednesday too. It looks like an automated vacuum cleaner but the gadget trims grass.

According to CNN, the robot thrives with location sensors to identify obstacles in its path. The price and availability of the lawn mower were not yet released.

Meanwhile, AI (Artificial Intelligence) floor cleaners are on their way as well. Moreover, robot escorts might help people go around public places like airports. LG said that Airbot can scan boarding passes. The AI assistant then evaluates the flight. It can tell passengers details like the weather at their landing points.

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What if there was a robot apocalypse? How long would humanity last? Where is LG headed to when it comes to TV development? Can they win the tech race?

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