Pikachu vs Santa Pikachu: One Pokemon is Better in Pokemon GO and It’s…

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Pikachu vs Santa Pikachu

Niantic Labs, developers of Pokemon GO, has just made its huge announcement and it did contain new Pokemon just like the Pokemon company has promised. One of the huge surprises that came in their latest update is the first exclusive seasonal Pokemon released, Santa Pikachu. The question remains on who would win in a Pikachu vs Santa Pikachu match-up.

For some, Santa Pikachu is just an ordinary Pikachu with a Santa Hat but there might be something else special with this Santa Pikachu. Santa Pikachu would be the first exclusive seasonal Pokemon released by Niantic Labs in Pokemon GO.

In terms of appearance, Santa Pikachu definitely has the edge over an ordinary Pikachu. With the Santa Hat, Santa Pikachu would look more appealing than an ordinary Pikachu. It has not been confirmed whether it is just a visual difference but a Santa Pikachu might have a higher Individual Value when caught.

Santa Pikachu can be considered as an alternative sprite for Pikachu and therefore is in the line of Shiny Pokemon. Since that is the case, it can be assumed that Santa Pikachu would definitely have a higher Individual Value than an ordinary Pikachu.

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Pikachu vs Santa Pikachu: Individual Values

In the original Pokemon game series, Shiny Pokemon almost have perfect Individual Values and that is what makes them so hard to encounter and to catch. Niantic Labs has announced that Santa Pikachu would be released in large quantities so they might only be catchable this December.

Santa Pikachu seems to be harder to catch than an ordinary Pikachu. It might mean that Santa Pikachu is a lot stronger and tougher than an ordinary Pikachu. What is better is that when Pokemon GO players evolve a Santa Pikachu, it would maintain its Santa Hat and evolve into a Santa Raichu.

Since Santa Pikachu would be on demand by Pokemon GO players, Niantic Labs might have increased the spawn rate of each so that everyone would be able to catch this exclusive seasonal Pokemon this upcoming Holiday. That sums up the Pikachu vs Santa Pikachu question.

Aside from Santa Pikachu, there are more announcements that Niantic Labs is planning to make in the future. These future announcements include more Pokemon and, possibly, additional features for Pokemon GO. Niantic Labs did not specify what would be the result of the Pikachu vs Santa Pikachu match-up so this is just purely speculation that Santa Pikachu is better.

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