Pokemon Go Developers Might Add More Free Incubators

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Pokemon Go Latest News
Fan attempts to catch a Pikachu outside in Pokemon Go. (Photo Source: Flickr/iphonedigital)

In Pokemon Go latest news, players demand more incubators since nine cannot hatch all the Pokemon eggs they have. Developers Niantic Labs listened to their fan base before so they might consider their requests and add more incubators.

Hatching Pokemon eggs take time and kilometers to accomplish. Players can hatch two-kilometer and five-kilometer Pokemon eggs easily but when it comes to 10km eggs, it would too long. Niantic Labs only provided nine slots for incubators which players believe to be not enough.

Pokemon Go players get Pokemon eggs randomly in PokeStops but developers have also set the limit of eggs to nine. Players have no other choice but to hatch eggs since Niantic Labs did not include other ways to dispose of them.

Niantic Labs has only included one free permanent incubator that players could always use. The other eight can only be obtained by leveling up or by purchasing them with real money. With the growing number of Pokemon, players thought that having more incubators would be for the better of the game.

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Pokemon Go Latest News: Seventh Spin Incubator

Pokemon Go players have thought of ways on how Niantic Labs can give out free incubators. One Pokemon Go player posted on Reddit his idea about free incubators. He thought that Niantic Labs should give one extra incubator after the seventh PokeStop spin.

Niantic Labs have previously given free incubators before in their Holiday event so the company might consider doing this again. Pokemon Go gen 2 might come sooner as expected since players can already hatch baby Pokemon.

Pokemon Go players hope that Niantic Labs would grant their request and give them another way to get an incubator. If Niantic Labs does not give out free incubators, they can go with having more incubator and egg slots. Niantic Labs has not yet announced anything about any Pokemon Go latest news but players expect for a statement.

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