Pokemon GO Event Update: Starbucks to Host Something Big this Week

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Pokemon GO Event Update

A Pokemon GO event update has been leaked by a Starbucks employee showing that there would be a collaboration between Niantic Labs, developers of Pokemon GO, and Starbucks. The Pokemon GO event update is scheduled to arrive on December 8, 2016.

Niantic Labs has not verified this Pokemon GO event update yet but the leak of the photo that has been circulating online looks reliable. The leaked photo belongs to a Starbucks employee that showed Starbucks event for Pokemon GO.

The leaked photo shows the message “Confidential. Do not share with customers before Thursday, December” which further hints that might a surprise event by Niantic Labs and Starbucks. Aside from the obvious transitions of most Starbucks cafes into PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms, one sentence stood out from the rest.


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Pokemon GO Event Update: Gen 2 Update?

There is a sentence in the leaked photo that says “The world of Pokemon GO is about to expand with new Pokemon and a new Starbucks beverage!” New Pokemon could only mean two things: Legendary Pokemon Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo, and Mew are finally being released or Pokemon GO Gen 2 is on its way.

While it may seem weird that Pokemon GO Gen 2 would arrive first rather than Legendary Pokemon, there is a possibility that the Starbucks event would release them both. There are no further details contained in the leaked photo but the new Pokemon GO Frappuccino might have something to do with the event.

Pokemon GO fans have been waiting for the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update for months since most of them have already captured all the obtainable Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The release of Pokemon GO Gen 2 would include 100 new Pokemon and, possibly, additional features within the game.

Some of the anticipated features in Pokemon GO Gen 2 are Baby Pokemon, Pokemon Trading, Pokemon Breeding, Pokemon Gender, and Pokemon Battling. Pokemon GO is starting to become a repetitive game with the experience system it currently has.

As of now, the level cap for Pokemon GO is level 40 and there are already Pokemon GO players from around the world who have achieved this feat. What is left for them is to collect Pokemon candies in preparation for the future Pokemon from Gen 2 that is about to come.

A chat system and a friend list system might also be included to further boost the interaction between players in Pokemon GO. While everyone is excited for December 8, it is still unsure what new Pokemon is being mentioned in the event so better not expect much for Pokemon GO Gen 2.

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