Pokemon GO Holiday Gift by Niantic may Come Today; New Getups, Gender & Shiny Pokemon Expected

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Pokemon GO developer Nianitc Labs looks like is planning for a Pokemon GO Holiday today, December 12, by giving players gifts in the game. Since it is a huge announcement, Pokemon GO players are expecting it to be somewhat in line with the Legendary Pokemon or Pokemon GO Gen 2. This huge announcement will be made after the partnership of Niantic Labs with Starbucks and Sprint.

All of the 10,500 Sprint locations in the United States would become PokeStops and Gyms. Some of the Sprint locations would also get charging stations for those playing Pokemon GO. Aside from the possible Legendary Pokemon and Pokemon GO Gen 2 announcement, Pokemon GO Holiday gifts are expected to be given out by Niantic Labs.

These Pokemon GO Holiday gifts include new customization options for Pokemon GO players, Pokemon Gender, and Shiny Pokemon. New customization options mean that Pokemon GO players would get more choices for the clothing and hairstyle of their avatar.

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Pokemon GO Holiday Events?

Since there are over millions of active Pokemon GO users worldwide, having more customization options would provide a huge variety for each user. Meanwhile, having Pokemon Gender would mean the implementation of Pokemon Breeding.

Pokemon Genders do not have any impact at the performance of the Pokemon aside from the slight visual differences. It would just be another small feature that Pokemon GO players are to appreciate especially if they want a full male or a full female Pokemon team.

Shiny Pokemon would be a great treat this Pokemon GO Holiday season since they are extremely rare. Shiny Pokemon have the alternative sprites of the original Pokemon and they sparkle once brought out. They do not have much impact into the game except if Niantic Labs decides to include max individual values for Shiny Pokemon.

In the upcoming Pokemon GO Holiday season, fans are expecting for Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo, and Mew to show up. Aside from these Legendary Pokemon, an increased XP and Pokemon Candy event is also anticipated by Pokemon GO players.

Pokemon Battles, Pokemon Trading, and a Chat System is also expected from Niantic Labs. These features were guessed before by the data miners that have predicted correctly Ditto. They are expected to come out before Pokemon GO Gen 2 alongside with the Legendary Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon.

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