Pokemon GO New Monsters: Niantic Labs Confirms Addition of New Pokemon

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Niantic Labs, developers of Pokemon GO, has announced its partnership with Sprint, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States. Niantic Labs CEO John Hawke said that after the announced partnership, the company would be sharing on December 12 details regarding Pokemon GO New Monsters.

The details that Niantic Labs might share on December regarding Pokemon GO New Monsters might either be the announcement of Pokemon GO Gen 2 or the release of the Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Gen 1.

Pokemon GO New Monsters could include Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo, and Mew since they still have not yet been released by Niantic Labs despite Pokemon GO starting with Gen 1. On the other hand, Pokemon GO New Monsters might also be the 100 new Pokemon from Gen 2.

If one thing is for certain, it is that John Hawke has promised that the details on December 12 about Pokemon GO New Monsters would be followed by additional information in the future. It would mean that what is left to question is which one would go first.

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Pokemon GO New Monsters: Legendary Pokemon First Before Gen 2?

Legendary Pokemon have the highest potential of being announced first on December 12 since the Holiday season is coming right up. Niantic Labs is known for holding events in Pokemon GO whenever there is a holiday.

The last Pokemon GO event that Niantic Labs held was on November 1, 2016. The Pokemon company held a Pokemon GO Halloween Event that increased the spawn rate of ghost-type and some psychic-type Pokemon. The Pokemon Candy earned during the duration of the event was also doubled and it got a positive response from the Pokemon fanbase.

This Christmas season, Pokemon fans are expecting something huge from Niantic Labs. There are rumors that a Legendary Pokemon event would be held some time in December as a Pokemon GO Christmas Event.

In the first Pokemon GO trailer, there is a teaser where multiple players have to face Mewtwo in an event. Niantic Labs might scatter the Legendary Pokemon throughout the world, in certain locations, and a certain number of Pokemon GO players might be needed to trigger the event.

Since John Hawke said that more Pokemon would come after the next announcement on December 12, there is a possibility that Pokemon GO Gen 2 would come in New Year’s Eve. What better way to start 2017 for Pokemon GO other than releasing 100 new Pokemon and new features such as Pokemon Battles, Pokemon Trading, Pokemon Breeding, and more.

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