Pokemon Go Update: Data Miners Find Teaser To Gen 2 Johto Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Update
PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Eduardo Woo | A new player registers to Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players have received several e-mails this past week hinting the near release of Gen 2 Pokemon. The e-mails came from The Pokemon Company and not the developers of the game, Niantic Labs. Because of this, data miners dug deeper into the game’s files and discovered the information regarding the next Pokemon Go update.

According to Express, the e-mails received by Pokemon Go players contained the recent introduction of baby Pokemon into the game. It made many Pokemon Go players believe that The Pokemon Company sent them those e-mails as a teaser. The e-mails encouraged Pokemon Go players to start looking for Johto Pokemon.

Some Pokemon Go players believe that The Pokemon Company just delayed the sending of the e-mails. Meanwhile, others think that the e-mails have for its purpose, to start the hype of Pokemon Go Gen 2. Last month started the introduction of baby Pokemon from Gen 2 so the other Gen 2 Pokemon might come soon.

The information discovered by data miners include new moves, evolution items, and more. According to PokemonDB, Gen 2 should introduce at least 86 new Pokemon moves into the game. However, players should take into consideration the fact that Pokemon Go only uses damaging moves.

Pokemon Go Update: Evolution Stones & Pokemon Migration

Pokemon Go players also expect evolution items to arrive in the next Pokemon Go update. These evolution items include the evolution stones such as Firestone, Waterstone, Thunderstone, Leat Stone, Moonstone, and Sun Stone. Players also expect other evolution items such as Metal Coat and King’s Rock.

Meanwhile, the Silph Road reports that Pokemon has already started migrating again from their nests in Pokemon Go. This means that different Pokemon would now appear from the nests discovered by Pokemon Go players. They hope to map out the Pokemon Nests in the world by letting other Pokemon Go players send information to them about the spawns.

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