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When Is The Next Pokemon Go Update & What To Expect

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Pokemon Go Update
When is the next Pokemon Go update (Photo Credits: Twitter/pokemongoapp)

A new Pokemon Go update will be available in the coming days. When and what will Niantic bring us this time? Well, the company has been providing updates twice a week and looking at the date now, it should have already been announced.

Pokemon Go update: schedule

According to Heavy, the official Twitter account for Pokemon Go has not been updated yet. Fans might need to be a little more patient in waiting to hear from them. Although Niantic announces new updates before they release them.

Also, while the nest migrations tend to happen in Pokemon Go like clockwork–exactly every two weeks, the game updates are a bit more random. They don’t always come exactly two weeks apart.

For the past months, this has been the schedule of updates:

  • Thursday, December 22nd
  • Monday, December 19th
  • Wednesday, December 7th
  • Friday, November 18th
  • Sunday, November 6th
  • Wednesday, October 26th
  • Sunday, October 23rd
  • Monday, October 10th
  • Monday, September 26th
  • Friday, September 23rd

In terms of new content, generation two Pokemon are slowly being added, with a handful of baby Pokemon released last month.

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Pokemon babies

Meanwhile, here are tips on how to hatch Pokemon babies (via CNET). Although Niantic only confirmed two new baby Pokemon, there are seven babies in the game:

  • Elekid, a baby Electabuzz
  • Magby, a baby Magmar
  • Pichu, a baby Pikachu
  • Cleffa, a baby Clefairy
  • Igglypuff, a baby Jigglypuff
  • Smoochum, a baby Jynx
  • Togepi, a baby Togetic

Since baby Pokemon only hatch from eggs, you can’t catch them in the wild. They also only hatch from eggs after the update that included the baby Pokemon upgrade.

Many players were reporting that the babies come just from 2 km eggs, but that isn’t true. Just like with the adult Pokemon, different babies hatch from different eggs and what eggs they hatch from corresponds with the types of eggs the adults hatch from.

For example, Pichu, Cleffa, and Igglybuff hatch from 2 km eggs, just like Pikachu, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff. Smoochum, Elekid, and Magby hatch from 10 km eggs, like their adult counterparts. The exception is Togepi, whose adult version doesn’t come from an egg. Togepi hatches from a 5 km egg.

Excited for the next Pokemon Go update? We sure are as well!

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