Pokemon Movie ‘I Choose You!’: Ash’s White House in Focus

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Pokemon Movie 'I Choose You!'

Get ready to explore the roots of Pokemon with the release of the 20th installment of the Pokemon Movie ‘I Choose You!’ A Pokemon movie premieres every July in Japan to showcase a never-seen-before pokemon. The information regarding these movies is released this December.

The new pokemon movie will be slightly different from other movies as it will take us back to the journey of Ash. It will give a glimpse of where Ash started his journey in Pallet Town years ago.

The announcement was made in an episode of the TV series The Oha Suta , a kids’ show on TV Tokyo. The movie is titled Gekijoban Pocket Monster: Kimi ni Kimeta! (Pokemon the Movie ‘I Choose You!’).

The poster shows Ash looking up at the sky and the legendary Ho-Oh is seen flying around. Ho-Oh was the very first legendary Pokemon that Ash saw in the beginning of his journey.

Pokemon Movie ‘I Choose You!’: Everything We Know So Far

Pokemon Movie ‘I Choose You!’ is scheduled to release in Japan on July 15th, 2017. From next year, the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon episodes will be available on GO!

The Japanese kids’ television show released a teaser trailer that panned over locations in Kanto region including Pallet Town, and then shows Ash donning his Trainer hat. Then we see one of the most famous pokemon, Pikachu, who closes out the trailer. In the end the release in Japan is confirmed to be 15th July 2017.

All Pokemon fans are in love with the story of the lead character Ash and tells us everything about his journey. The initial days are captured to tell how the boy started his journey.

The teaser trailer did not offer too much information about the plot of the movie and characters. It shows a white house surrounded by tall trees and a white picket fence surrounding it. This pretty much looks like Ash’s house in Pallet town.

Pokemon fans who have been following the series ever since it started will remember that the very first episode that aired in 1997 was also titled Pokemon! Kimi ni Kimeta! (Pokemon! I Choose You!). And on the 20th anniversary, the anime production house is bringing a movie with the same title.

It clearly indicates that we will be taken back to the very beginning of the series when Ash thought of becoming a Pokemon master and trained hard to get his dreams come true.

What are your thoughts about Pokemon movie ‘I Choose You!’? Are you ready to go back to the past? Let us know in the comment section below.

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