Pokemon Stars: Development may Start Soon Featuring New Alolan Form Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon became a huge hit after its release and now there are reports that developers Game Freak has begun the process of developing the next hit Pokemon game, Pokemon Stars. It would be the third game for the Alola Region next to Pokemon Sun and Moon and it is rumored to come out for the Nintendo Switch.

There are rumors that Game Freak has already started the development on Pokemon Stars before, alongside Pokemon Sun and Moon, but has decided to stop the development to focus more on the completion of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The reason behind the postponement of the development of Pokemon Stars by Niantic Labs is because Pokemon Sun and Moon is being released for the 3DS. Since Pokemon Stars would be for the Nintendo Switch, the Pokemon company might have thought to focus on it after the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

It is still unsure whether Pokemon Stars would include new Pokemon since it is still set in the Islands of Alola but Game Freak might add a few if opportunity grants it and here are some of the predictions.

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Pokemon Stars: Alolan Eevee, Koffing, Weezing, Ekans, and Arbok?

One new feature that Game Freak introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon are Alolan forms. Most Pokemon that received Alolan forms are from the first generation Pokemon in the Kanto Region. If Game Freak would want to add more Pokemon in Pokemon Stars, Alolan forms might be the safest way to do it.

While it was confirmed that Eevee would not have an additional evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Game Freak can still add an Alolan form to this evolution Pokemon. Eevee’s Z-Move “Extreme Evoboost” has confirmed that there would not be a new Eeveelution but it did not show that an Alolan form is not possible.

Alolan Eevee, instead of having the usual brown and white fur, would have something colorful such as orange or any color that has not yet been applied in its evolutions. Having an Alolan Eevee would be a treat to those Eevee lovers that does not want to evolve their beloved Pokemon.

Alolan Koffing and Weezing can also become a reality. Instead of puffing out toxic gasses, it would release a flowery aroma since it will be adapting to the beautiful Islands of Alola. Alongside that might also be Alolan Ekans and Arbok. Instead of the usual purple color and the markings on Arbok’s body, it would be a bright green color and flowery markings.

Game Freak has not yet verified Pokemon Stars so all of the predictions above must be taken with a grain of salt. While there are a lot of great Alolan forms that can be added, those above might be the possible ones Pokemon fans can get.

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