Pokemon Stars and Eclipse Release Date: 20 New Pokemon Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Stars and Eclipse Release Date
Jirachi, the Wish Pokemon, that is mostly associated with stars. (Photo from Deviant Art/Gamegar)

Lara Kate Dale, a popular game informer, started 2017 with a lot of gaming leaks which shared on different forums. Dale started with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch and, now, Pokemon Stars. Although Dale shared details about the third Pokemon installment for Alola, she got no information about the Pokemon Stars and Eclipse release date.

Dale leaked the information about Pokemon Stars and Eclipse during her Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. Dale revealed that she talked to Tom Philips and she discovered Philips was unsure of the names Stars and Eclipse.

Tom Philips is another game leaker who is working on Pokemon Stars and Eclipse but with a different source compared to Dale. Although both were similar in terms of the name Pokemon Stars, they disagree on other matters.

Dale heard that there would be at least 20 new Pokemon in Pokemon Stars while Philips believes otherwise. Philips has heard the words Stars and Eclipse from his source whereas Dale only heard Stars. Dale has stepped down from working with Pokemon Stars since she thinks that Philips had more information.

Dale’s and Philip’s information remains the only ones leaked so far about Pokemon Stars and Eclipse. The Pokemon Stars and Eclipse release date still remains a mystery but some are expecting it to be March 2017.

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Pokemon Stars and Eclipse Release Date: No Official Announcement

Pokemon Stars and Eclipse will become the third, or fourth, version set in the Alola Region which Nintendo will release after Pokemon Sun and Moon. Reports also show that Pokemon Stars and Eclipse might be a Nintendo Switch exclusive but there are no confirmations yet.

It is still unsure whether the 20 new Pokemon pertains to ordinary Pokemon or Alola forms. Regardless whether they are Alola forms or not, fans will be delighted with the addition of more Pokemon. More Pokemon means more game time since fans have already started finishing Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Stars and Eclipse Release Date

The comment made by Laura Dale on Reddit about the Pokemon Stars and Eclipse leak. (Screen grab from Reddit).

It’s also unconfirmed whether Pokemon Sun and Moon would be updated once the Pokemon Stars and Eclipse release date arrives. There’s a huge chance that it will since fans wouldn’t be able to transfer the new Pokemon, if there’s none.

Game Freak and Nintendo has not yet made any official announcements about Pokemon Stars and Eclipse. A lot of things are still unverified about Pokemon Stars and Eclipse, including the name, so fans should not expect much.

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