Rainbow Six Siege December Update: Command Chat System May be Included

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Before Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege would end its first year, an idea was posted by one of the fans in Reddit where a Command Chat System would be fit in this game. Ubisoft, developers of Rainbow Six Siege, show their interest whenever their fans share some creative ideas. It may be a long shot but the game company can still include this for the Rainbow Six Siege December update.

Constant communication with teammates is necessary when it comes to first person shooting games. While it is true that most first person shooting games offer voice communications inside the game, not everyone can afford a gaming headset or a microphone.

In some games, players are allowed to chat freely while playing but the games are so fast-paced that it leaves no time for players to type the words they want to say to their teammates. Every second and movement counts in every first person shooting game, especially in Rainbow Six Siege.

One wrong move or late reaction can open a window of opportunity for opponents to fire at the player. In most cases, the first one to pull the trigger is the one that gets the kill unless that player is lagging or is having some frames-per-second issues.

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Rainbow Six Siege December Update: Suggestions

User Agent_S721 has posted on Reddit a suggestion on how communication in Rainbow Six Siege can be improved. The user has photoshopped together an image of a gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege together with certain command prompts that the player can say.

It would be a Command Chat System were fixed orders or commands would be told by the player upon selecting one. If implemented, there might a shortcut command in order to issue these orders. It would save time for players if they want to communicate something to their teammates.

The Command Chat System that the Reddit user has suggested includes “Reinforce this,” “Need Medic/Heal,” “I need EMP,” “Breaching,” “Go Go Go,” and “Thank You.” While the suggestion of the user are few, more can still be added.

Adding more commands like those in Counter Strike would grant more ways for teammates to communicate with each other easily. It would not only improve the gaming community but it will also add more competitiveness and integrity to the players.

Rainbow Six Siege players are hoping for this to be implemented in the Rainbow Six Siege December update or, at least, for this to be noticed by Ubisoft. Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 is coming up so maybe it is time for the developer company to add the Command Chat System in the game.

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