Razer Project Valerie Stolen: $25,000 Offered For Information On Theft

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Razer Project Valerie Stolen
Two Project Valerie prototype gaming laptops by gaming company Razer were stolen from CES. (Credit- Razer)

Razer Project Valerie stolen from CES in Las Vegas. Two Project Valerie prototype gaming laptops by gaming company Razer were stolen from its booth at CES Sunday afternoon, reports Engadget.

Razer’s CEO posted the new on Facebook along with relevant details. The company is now offering a reward worth $25,000 for information “leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of a criminal suspect.”

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan also clarified that the two stolen prototypes were both Project Valerie laptops. Many speculated them to be Project Ariana smart projector device earlier.

According to Tan, the laptops were stolen on Sunday, January 8 at around 4 PM PT from Razer’s booth on the CES floor. The company is now working with CES management and law enforcement to plan next steps.

Razer Project Valerie Stolen: Team Asks For Help

Furthermore, Tan revealed that the investigating team is approaching the matter with utmost seriousness. “Penalties for such crimes are grievous and anyone who would do this clearly isn’t very smart,” he said.

“We treat theft/larceny, and if relevant to this case, industrial espionage, very seriously – it is cheating, and cheating doesn’t sit well with us,” he wrote, adding that Razer “worked months on end to conceptualize and develop these units.”

Each of the Razer Project Valerie stolen laptops feature three built-in 17-inch 4K displays. Besides, when the user opens the devices, the displays slide in place automatically.

Project Valerie is the first and one and only gaming product of this kind. Being still a prototype, the laptop’s release date or launch price are unknown.

With this in mind, Razer’s competencies could possibly have stolen the laptops to understand the tech behind it. Although this may be true, only investigation can reveal the details.

The one-of-a-kind project attracted tech geeks across the world. Not only this, but the company stunned popular tech giants with its impressive features.

Razer has asked anyone with information relating to the theft to contact [email protected]

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