Resident Evil 7 Dissection Room: How To Get There Through The Boiler Room

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Resident Evil 7 Dissection Room
PHOTOGRAPH: PS4Trophies YouTube Channel | The Dissection Room Key required in order to enter the Dissection Room.

Early players of the game consider the Resident Evil 7 Dissection Room  to be one of the hardest to get to. Several molded, the infected one in the game, would appear and attack Ethan Winters as he attempts to go there. Before attempting to head to the Dissection Room, make sure that Winters already has the Scorpion Key and Shotgun.

Upon going down from the Processing Room, players would encounter two molded at the same time. Quickly step back to avoid damage from both and focus on one before eventually killing the other. Players can try the strategy by Eurogamer where they would let Winters walk slowly and trigger one Molded first.

After the two Molded, proceed to the room with giant boilers where three more Molded will appear. Lure them away by returning to the previous room and go with the previous strategy. Focus on one until it eventually falls before proceeding to shoot the other two.

Resident Evil 7 Dissection Room: Save The Shotgun

Save Shotgun shells as they can be really hard to encounter so use the Handgun from the distance to shoot. If the Molded gets near, shoot their legs so they would fall down then keep shooting at their head. If cornered, VG247 suggests to quickly switch to the Model Shotgun and aim for their heads, one shot would take care of them.

After all the three Molded enemies have died, scout the Boiler Room for items such as Chemical Fluids. Open the map and it would show the door that would lead to the Resident Evil 7 Dissection Room. Use the Dissection Room Key previously obtained and enter the room.

Inside the room, players would see the body of the cop where they can find the Snake Key. They can also find other items, such as Shotgun Shells, Shotgun Shells Box, and Herbs in the room. Interact with the Red Dog’s head to start the boss battle.

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