Resident Evil 7 Snake Key: Where To Find Hidden Key

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Resident Evil 7 Snake Key
PHOTOGRAPH: MELOO YouTube Channel | The Snake Key, after being pulled out of the cop’s body.

Playing as Ethan Winters, players have to go in the Baker Residence to look for his missing wife, Mia. There, Players will encounter multiple doors which require some heavy thinking to unlock. The Resident Evil 7 Snake Key will unlock, as expected, the Snake Door located in the game.

VG247 reported that players should return to the main house to look for the Resident Evil 7 Snake Key. Players would mostly have the “Create the serum” and “Get the serum ingredient from Lucas” objectives by this time. After receiving the call from Lucas and reading the clue behind the head inside the fridge, proceed to the house.

Upon entering the main hall of the house, turn right to the Monitoring Room. Make use of the map and make sure to turn left after going right and players would shortly see stairs. Go down the stairs and proceed to the Incinerator Room and, upon, entry the map reveals other locations.

Players would now see four rooms in the updated map: Incinerator Room, Boiler Room, Morgue, and Dissection Room. Reports by Gosu Noob points that the best way to reach the Dissection Room is through the Boiler Room. Carefully navigate through the map and take care of any molded that would appear.

Resident Evil 7 Snake Key: Boiler Room & Morgue

After passing through the Boiler Room, players have to go through the Morgue where the first molded will attack. The molded will destroy the wall going to the Morgue so dispose of it with the use of any weapon.  Upon reaching the door to the Morgue, do not enter it since players can locate the entrance to the Dissection Room beside it, just through the stairs.

Upon entering the Dissection Room, the body of the cop lies beside the sign which says: “Prove you’re a real man, stick your hand down this pig’s throat!” Do what it says and Ethan Winters would eventually locate the Snake Key. Proceed with caution while going to the Snake Room since at least three molded would appear.

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