Rime Release Date: Gameplay Looks Like Zelda & The Last Guardian Combined

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Rime Release Date
Main protagonist of Rime runs away from a giant bird. (Photo Source: Screen grabbed from Sony YouTube Channel)

Grey Box and Six Foot confirmed that fans no longer have to wait much longer for Rime release date. Publishers announced that Rime would come out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch in May 2017. Rime would finally come out after two years of delay after game developers Tequila Works cut its ties with Sony.

Ever wondered what would happen if The Legend of Zelda and The Last Guardian had a baby? The gameplay of Rime looks like the two games combined. Having the old-school graphics of The Legend of Zelda and the atmosphere of The Last Guardian, Rime looks to take one of the spots as the most anticipated games of 2017.

People expected Rime to die out after developers had cut ties with Sony. They also expected the game to come out for the Xbox console only but Sony decided to help publish Rime. Earlier reports by GameSpot show that Rime would be for the PlayStation 4 only. It was not long before developers confirm Rime to be released for other consoles as well.

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Rime Release Date: Teaser Trailer

Sony has uploaded a Rime reveal trailer in its official YouTube Channel that featured some of its gameplay. The game would feature the exploration of the mysterious island that the protagonist has stumbled upon.

In that mysterious island, players have to solve puzzles with sound, light, perspective, platforming, and time manipulation in ancient ruins. Players would also get the chance to know the backstory of the protagonist by diving deeper into the immersive gameplay.

The music soundtrack of Rime is composed by David Garcia Diaz so players would get to enjoy captivating music while discovering what the island has in stored for them. The fox would guide the players through their adventure. Developers reveal nothing much except for the Rime release date but expect more details in the upcoming Nintendo Switch event.

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