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Rumuki – The App That Promises Not To Leak Your Homemade Sex Tapes

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PHOTOGRAPH: Rumuki | Share your most intimate moments safely with the Rumuki app.

Video recording can spice up one’s sex life but it carries the risk of being leaked that could humiliate the individuals involved. Enter Rumuki, an app that promises no private videos can be uploaded nor played without the authorized parties’ consent.

Available only in the App Store, for now, Rumuki is a free video-encryption software which provides privacy protection by becoming the “prenup” for one’s sex tape and home clips. According to The Next Web, the app offers safe recording of videos which can be played later only when the individuals involved agree on it.

How It Works

It encrypts the recordings and split the key across two separate phones to ensure no single person can access the video without permission from the other. If someone wants to watch the recording, the app notifies the other person’s handset to give access through entering a password. The permission needs renewal for each subsequent look at the video.

But can the app guarantee that one partner won’t break the other’s trust? Unfortunately, it can’t. Although there is an option to revoke the playback grants for a recording at any time through the ‘Revoke’ button.

The app’s official website notes deleting the video from either device automatically revokes all of the existing playback grants as well. Revenge porn by an angry ex would then become a thing of the past.

Rumuki promises to keep any sex tape from being leaked.

Anonymity, Privacy

Nathan Kot, the developer of the app, emphasizes that Rumuki exclusively saves the recorded clips on the user’s smartphone. This means it won’t cross the internet borders, even the app’s private servers.  To prove the good intentions, Kot has publicized some of the source code he used on its website.

Furthermore, users do not have to disclose any personal information to use the app. You do not need to link it with any social networking accounts either. Its only requirement is a reliable internet connection, specifically when setting the Rumuki app and granting playbacks. There should not be any problems in recording and syncing videos offline.

The app can only stores videos for now. Although its site says support for photos and albums may come in the future.

As the App Store indicates, Rumuki has only been launched on Sunday, Feb.12. It has a 9+ rating and requires iOS 9.0 or later. Its official description says it’s only a free download for a limited time.

What do you think of the Rumuki app? Would you trust the app on keeping any sex tape from prying eyes? Let us know in the comments below.

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