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Samsung Copies Apple, Device Said To Be Named Samsung Galaxy S8+

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Samsung Galaxy S8
PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Răzvan Băltărețu | The Samsung Galaxy S8 will do away with the Edge line and use the new “Plus” naming scheme.

The battle between Samsung and Apple is one of tech’s largest rivalries. Now, we might be seeing yet another controversy unfolding as Samsung is rumored to be developing a new smartphone with multiple similarities to Apple’s flagship line. According to reports, the South Korean firm may be getting it’s Samsung Galaxy S8 inspiration from the iPhone series.

In the past, Samsung and Apple have sued each other over copyright and infringement issues. Samsung allegedly copied the layout of the iPhone for its Galaxy series, while Apple allegedly got its ideas from the curved screen of the S7 Edge for the upcoming iPhone 8.

Renowned tech tipster Evan Blass has released another leak regarding the upcoming Galaxy S8. The Samsung flagship phone will apparently go thru a new naming scheme. The company will do away with their usual “Edge” series and use the “Plus” name, reports Forbes.

This means that the S8 series will have two variants: the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. Some say that the new “Plus” name for the S8 directly copies Apple’s Plus line of phones. Apple has been putting “Plus” on their cellphones since the iPhone 6 Plus last 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Release Date Also Revealed

Blass’ tweet also gave a release date for the upcoming flagship phone. The tweet revealed that the S8 line will launch on March 29, and will be released on April 21. This coincides with the recent revelation that Samsung will not announce the S8 line at this month’s Mobile World Congress.

Samsung needs a strong product to come back in the game. Last year’s Note 7 debacle has left the company in dire straits. Consumer trust for the company is at an all-time low, reports CNET. Samsung officially apologized last month. The company also revealed why their phones exploded last year.

The Verge noted after the company’s apology and explanation over the controversy, the company now needs to release a good product that will wash away the sins of last year.

S8 Specs

The reason the company is going with the “Plus” naming scheme now is because the “Edge” line might soon be obsolete. Reports say that the S8 and it’s bigger more expensive variant will both feature curved screens. This is a departure from the S7 line. The Galaxy S7 featured a normal OLED display while the S7 Edge features the curved screen.

The two phones will reportedly have true bezel-less displays, a notable design trend this year. The upcoming LG G6 and the iPhone 8 will also allegedly have bezel-less displays. The S8 will have a 5.8-inch and 6.8-inch variant. The smartphones will run using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

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