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Samsung Galaxy S8 May Retain Its Headphone Jack After All

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Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 reportedly arrives in April. (Photo credit: Twitter/SamsungArrivals)

If there is one sign that Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming soon, it would be the increasing number of leaks. Earlier, rival companies such as Apple and HTC introduced wireless music. U Play and iPhone 7 ditched their headphone jacks in exchange of Bluetooth.

Will Samsung follow the trend? Apparently, the latest Galaxy S8 images show that the standard 3.5mm jack is still present.

Samsung Galaxy S8 headphone jack: The real score

A few months ago, fan theories claim that the new Samsung flagship phone will rely on USB-C for audio. Furthermore, the tech company allegedly developed its own pair of wireless headphones. This new tech works like Apple’s AirPods.

However, recent photos for the new Galaxy S8 case reveal otherwise. According to Tech Radar, the images clearly displayed a 3.5mm port. SamMobile found the pictures on Slashleaks. It also mentioned that the Galaxy S9 will arrive with the USB-C port.

Android Police later reported “with a high degree of confidence” that S8 will launch with a headphone jack. Editor David Ruddock assured that their claim is not just based on phone cases or renders.

Well, if Ruddock is right, Samsung might have seen the dismay on Apple and HTC fans. It really may use the traditional tech as an advantage this time. Samsung, nonetheless, has yet to confirm these speculations.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

Initially, Android users expected that the Galaxy S8 debuts at the MCW 2017. Samsung has been using the same release date for the past few years. But, new rumors note that S8 may miss the traditional launch window.

This year, the company may halt the retail of their latest phone until April. By that time, we would also know if Samsung retained the controversial headphone jack or not.

One thing is sure, though. The S8 is shaping up to be the hottest Android gadget to date.

Do you prefer models with headphone jacks too? What do you think is not likeable about wireless audio? Share us your thoughts below.

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