Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Price & Colors Same As Apple’s iPhone 8: Report

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date
PHOTOGRAPH: YouTube/Techscinium | Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus’ alleged color options and pricing details have been reveale.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 release date remains sparse to date. Although its potential specs and pricing details have been circulating regularly on the rumor mill, thanks to alleged leaks that pop up every now and then. The latest one details just how much S8 and S8 Plus are probably going to cost, as well as their possible color options and prices. Read on to get the latest scoop on this story!

A Ukrainian dealer has published on its website the tariffs and colors of the Samsung Galaxy S8 series ahead of its release. There is nothing extravagant in the colors so far. Sam Mobile reports the database lists Galaxy S8 (SM-G950) and Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955) in Black, Gold, and Orchid Gray.

The database listing also comes with a pricing for each of the variants of S8 and S8 Plus. The site says the publisher cited the prices in Ukrainian Hryvnia.  But approximate calculation converts to $950 and $1050 for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus respectively.

A screenshot of the leaked database was reportedly shared on Twitter, and then promptly deleted. Unfortunately, at this point in time, these reports are not from official channels. But if they are accurate, Samsung’s Galaxy 2017 flagship will have a much higher price compared to its predecessor. According to Tech Radar, the Galaxy S7 had a launch price of roughly $750.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date: The price of the S8 series is slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

This may be bad news to those who plan to buy Samsung’s next flagship. Still, it is worth noting that even the company’s main rival, Apple, is also implementing a price hike for their iPhone 8. Mirror has it that the iPhone 8 will be Apple’s most expensive yet. The specific number remains unclear, but rumor is rife it’ll go beyond $1,000 -nearly the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 Premium Pricing

What might make the Samsung and Apple’s flagships command such expensive pricing could be the fact that both the iPhone 8 and S8 series are expected to sport massive updates over their predecessors. The biggest hardware update that both handsets might come with is edge-to-edge displays, which would get rid of the traditional home buttons present in past generations.

Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8’s displays might also cover the whole front of the device. Reports also point out they will boast a fingerprint sensor, front-facing speaker, and rear camera just underneath the display. Interestingly, Samsung could be the manufacturer of the edge-to-edge OLEDs for both the devices.

Patrons may also see updates on artificial intelligence-based voice assistants. While Apple will roll out an improved version of Siri, the Samsung Galaxy S8 should come with Bixby, the company’s new voice assistant which will replace its existing S-Voice function. But then again, these are just speculations. Fans will have to wait for both of the company’s announcements.

Samsung confirmed it will not unveil the next flagship during on the MWC 2017. However, it’s reportedly announcing the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date during the event. As for the iPhone 8, fans may see it launched on Sept. 2017, assuming the company’s annual September announcement tradition continues.

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