Samsung Galaxy S9 to be Revealed on February 25: What to Expect

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Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung fans, the long wait is nearly over. As per reports, the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 is set to be unveiled on February 25. This takes place just a day before the official opening of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Spain. Here’s what you can expect from Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9: What You Need to Know

One of the most anticipated features of the Galaxy S9 is its camera. Reportedly, the Galaxy S9 will boast of a 12-megapixel camera. Additionally, it will make use of the new Isocell image sensor chip. With this, the S9’s camera will be capable of delivering top-notch images. Taking pictures with the smartphone will also be an improved experience, as it will feature faster focusing and better shots in low light situations.

Interestingly, the S9 will also boast of an integrated depth sensor which will compete with Apple’s own iPhone X. The depth sensor will allow the S9 to utilize a face recognition feature. It will thus be interesting to see how Samsung will utilize this against how Apple has integrated it into their latest iPhone line.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Variants

Allegedly, the Galaxy S9 will come in two variants: a white and an orchid gray. As some may recall, Samsung previously released a white smartphone model back in 2015 with the Galaxy S6. This time around, the S9’s white variant will reportedly differ in its finish with a more glossy coat.

The S9 line will also include two sizes. While the S9 itself will be 5.8”, the S9+, on the other hand, will be 6.3”. Notably, the larger variant will sport dual cameras on the back of the device.

Other Specs

On top of its dual cameras — at least for the larger variant — the S9 line will also boast of an iris scanner to supplement its face recognition feature. Furthermore, the S9 will come with 64GB of memory, 4GB of RAM, and an OLED display. Unlike other recent iPhone entries, the S9 line will feature a headphone jack. It will also make use of wireless charging and will be water resistant.

When Will the Samsung Galaxy S9 be Available?

A specified release date for Galaxy S9 has yet to be settled. However, taking into consideration the February 25 unveiling date for Samsung, it seems as if pre-orders for the smartphone will be available shortly thereafter. With this into account, interested users may quite possibly see some pre-order options sometime in March.

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