Seasons of Heaven Gameplay: Play as a Boy with Asperger’s Syndrome and His Bulldog

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Seasons of Heaven will be one of the game titles that will be exclusive on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has yet to share more details about the Nintendo Switch, but the company is planning on revealing more in January. Any Arts Production has shared with Gameblog some images of Seasons of Heaven gameplay.

According to Gameblog, Seasons of Heaven would feature Yann, a boy suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, and Ani, his French Bulldog. Players would be able to switch between Yann and Ani in certain parts of the game.

There are only a few details about Seasons of Heaven gameplay but Nicolas Augusto has written a book which would serve as a frame to the game. It started with Nina and Ana, children of a leader of a group of survivors, who learn to work in a new world.

Nina and Ana would always remember the arrogant and omnipotent nature of man. It all comes down to what would happen before the end. The story would then proceed with Yann, Ani, Elise, Tim, James, Sarah, and Thomas being told something.

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Seasons of Heaven Gameplay: Unreal Engine 4

The Seasons of Heaven gameplay story seems to be a blur right now since only a pinch of the book has been shared. Based on the shared images of the Seasons of Heaven gameplay, it definitely looks immersive because of the Unreal Engine 4 that is running with.

Also, based on the images, it appears to be that the Seasons of Heaven gameplay would focus on Yann and Ani being lost in a forest, probably got separated from the people that they were with. A wooden sword or a katana can also be seen in the cover photo of Seasons of Heaven.

There are a lot of possible reasons why Yann and Ani are in the forest or why they are traveling. It could be because Yann is looking for his parents or just simply trying to get back with his group. It is unsure whether the wooden sword or katana would be the main weapon in the game but it looks like that Yann and Ani just accidentally stumbled upon it in the woods.

There are no reports yet whether Seasons of Heaven would be released for other platforms but as of now, it is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The Seasons of Heaven release date has not yet been revealed but it is expected to come out the same day as the Nintendo Switch.

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