This New Segway Scooter is a Robot & Transporter in One

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Segway Scooter
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Will robots finally succeed humans in 2018? Perhaps not, but their integration in technology continues to grow as advancements surge from different markets and industries. Most recently, a new Segway scooter now features the integration of a personal robot. Meet Loomo, Segway’s electric scooter that is not only a transporter, but a robot with artificial intelligence (AI) of its own.

New Segway Scooter is a Robot and Transporter in One

Built by Segway Robotics, the Loomo is packed with the basic hoverboard features. Controls are fairly simple: you lean forward to accelerate, while leaning back causes the hoverboard to slow down and go in reverse. This is all done on the Loomo’s self-balancing platform.

The Loomo features a top speed of 11 miles per hour. It can go up to 22 miles on a single charge, though the battery can be refilled in three hours or so with the use of just a standard outlet. The 11-inch wheels on the Loomo are thick and make for sturdy riding, even on off-road terrain. Furthermore, the electric scooter is capable of conquering 15-degree inclines.

In terms of size, the Loomo is essentially similar to the Segway miniPRO. While the Loomo and its main functionalities are still tied to what hoverboards are in essence, it does boast of being able to maneuver itself with the use of AI.

Loomo Robot

Through the use of a simple voice command, the Loomo’s middle compartment will flip around to reveal a small 4.3-inch touchscreen with 800 x 480 resolution. This is, essentially, the robot side of the new Segway scooter.

The Loomo can support up to 200kg, and with the use of its AI, it can be used to transport items — such as groceries, for example. The Loomo will be able to follow you around, making for a hands-free experience when shopping or doing errands. To do so, the hoverboard-robot hybrid makes use of its Intel RealSense depth and motion-sensing camera technology. Voice command aside, the Loomo can also be controlled with a smartphone app.

Additionally, thanks to its 1080p camera, the Loomo also comes with filming and photo capture capabilities. Not only can the Loomo take you places — literally — it can also act as your own personal photographer on the go.

Price and Availability

Loomo is now available for pre-order at a retail price of $1,799. However, pledgers who support the project on Indiegogo can avail of an early bird price of $1,299.

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