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Shopee vs Carousell: Mobile Shopping Apps Battle To Dominate SEA

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Shopee vs Carousell
The logos of rivals Shopee and Carousell. (Photo Source: Google Play Store)

Two shopping apps are fighting for market superiority in Southeast Asia. Carousell dominated the SEA marketplace when it first launched its app in 2012. Shopee is the younger of the two, having started its e-commerce business in 2015. Nevertheless, the younger Shopee looks to be winning the fight.

Southeast Asia is experiencing an e-commerce boom in the past few years. The two e-commerce companies wish to capitalize on this growth. Carousell and Shopee both have mobile apps integrated into their e-commerce infrastructure, and judging from the app ranking, Shopee is winning.

Shopee vs Carousell: January iOS App rankings (source: App Anime)

Hong KongNone2

The data shows that the younger Shopee mobile app is ahead of the Carousel in almost every country. Let’s also take a look at their Google Play rankings.

Shopee vs Carousell: January Google Play rankings (source: App Anime)

Hong KongNone 2
USNone 295

Also, the same story, when it comes to Google rankings. How is Shopee overtaking the veteran Carousell? What’s the difference in their services? Rean on.

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Shopee vs Carousell: What’s the difference?

Shopee quickly derailed Carousell because it is part of Garen, a big digital content provider in Asia. The group also has more than 26 million listings in Southeast Asia, a big advantage over the smaller outlet, Carousell.

Carousell focuses their efforts on creating a community-based market experience. Similar to eBay and OLX. Shopee, on the other hand, provides full logistics support to their partners. The system is similar to Amazon, Best Buy, or Asia’s Lazada.

The fundamental difference between the two could be the reason why Shopee is leading in the App polls. The veteran Carousell still leads in their native Singapore, but Shopee has overtaken them in almost every other territory.

However, tech commentators  are skeptical about this exponential growth. Industry experts argue that Shopee has been spending too much on discounts and partner subsidies, which is not a good gauge of actual revenue. On the other hand, Carousell is much more lightweight and has organic, tangible revenues to count on.

It’s still too early to say which of the will win the e-commerce battle in SEA, stay tuned for more updates.

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