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Sony A7 III Price & Specs: Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera With 4K Video

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Sony A7 III

The new Sony A7 III is a new contender in the mirrorless camera market that current competitors should be wary of. Though the market is saturated as it is, this new camera from Sony packs quite the punch with its plethora of features.

Sony A7 III: What You Need to Know

What’s interesting about the A7 III is that it’s not just another mirrorless camera in town. As it is a full-frame camera, the A7 III boasts of the ability to shoot stills at up to 10 frames per second, either in RAW or JPEG. With a 24.2 megapixel sensor, it is capable of capturing images with 15-stop dynamic range and also outputs 14-bit RAW files.

Notably, the A7 III can shoot in 4K HDR video. It is also capable of shooting 1080p at 120fps and up to 100 Mbps. Its battery life is quite commendable as it allows the capturing of up to 710 shots on a single battery. According to reports, Sony claims that the A7 III’s battery life is the longest rated of any mirrorless camera thus far.

Other Features of the Sony A7 III

The A7 III’s maximum ISO comes to an impressive 204,800. This makes it ideal for shooting at low-light situations without the compromise of quality. Many photographers — particularly wedding photographers — may find the A7 III to be an ideal option for shooting gear thanks to its ISO range. Furthermore, its autofocusing capabilities are improved on, as it is twice as fast as that of the A7 II’s.

Though not entirely weather sealed, the camera body is notably weather resistant at the very least. Other features include image stabilization, a 2.3 million dot OLED electronic viewfinder, and a 3-inch touchscreen monitor. Moreover, the camera comes with dual SD slots, a USB-C port, and microUSB, HDMI and wireless connections via WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth.

Additionally, the A7 III also comes with a “My Menu” feature that some may already be familiar with, as Sony previously launched this feature on the A9. My Menu is customizable and allows users to tailor the menu according to their personal preferences. It provides the option to create a customizable menu that contains a user’s most regularly used options and settings.

Price and Availability

The Sony A7 III will begin shipping in April. For the body alone, it will cost $1,999. Alternatively, there is the option for a bundle that includes the FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, which will cost $2,199.

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