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Syrian Refugees Use WhatsApp, Viber & Line While Trekking To Europe

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Syrian Refugee News
Refugees traveling by boat (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

This Syrian refugee news update details how they document their journey to safety. Also, it highlights how communication with loved ones has become easier, thanks to social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Line.

Syrian refugee news: escaping from war

Since the war started in March 2011, an estimated 11 million Syrians fled their homes. Some escaped to neighboring countries like Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon, as well as Europe.

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Syrian Refugee News

Refugees document their journey with smartphones (Photo Credits: TIME/Patrick Witty)

Syrian refugee news: selfies of safety?

According to Business Insider, this is the first digitally documented refugee crisis. Migrants are contributing this by taking selfies at different points throughout their journeys to mark their path to safety.

Per CNN, the moment refugees are ashore, smartphones appear and the taking of selfies begins. “We want memories from the bad trip we had,” says Mehar Ahmed Aloussi, 30, from Damascus. “When I go and settle down in another country, I want to remember my way.”

Holidays for Syrian refugees

Meanwhile, for those who have settled in safe areas, celebrating the holidays with their families is now possible.

Syrian Refugee News

Children playing outside a tented settlement in Lebanon (Photo Credits: UNHCR/ Andrew McConnell via Mashable)

Per Mashable, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) data reveals 4.8 million Syrians have been displaced in nearby countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. 866,831 people have applied for asylum in Europe in the past five years, with more than a quarter of those applications filed in 2016.

Especially relevant, 53,905 Syrians submitted resettlement applications in 2015. The US reached its goal of accepting its 10,000th Syrian refugee in August.

In spite of the hardship and loss experienced in the past, many refugees are continuing with their lives. Protecting their families as best they can, hence trying to start anew and still remain positive.

Stay tuned for more Syrian refugee news updates.

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