These Pizza Hut Shoes Let You Order Pizza From Your Sneakers

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Pizza Hut is taking things to the next level with its line of sneakers. You read right: sneakers. However, they’re not just any pair of sneakers from the pizza giant. With these special Pizza Hut shoes, you can actually order pizza by using the sneakers themselves. Just how would this work?

What are the Pizza Hut Shoes?

Known as the Pie Tops sneakers, the shoes are in line with Pizza Hut being the official pizza of the NCAA March Madness and the Final Four. As some may recall, Pie Tops sneakers were actually introduced back in 2017. However, back then, the shoes did not actually go on sale. This time around, the Pie Tops sneakers will be available for purchase thanks to a partnership between Pizza Hut and sneaker creator Dominic Chambrone, who is otherwise known as The Shoe Surgeon.

Known as the Pie Tops II, the shoes retain the same functionality of allowing its users to order pizza straight from the sneakers. Interestingly, the Pie Tops II boast of another feature as well: they can pause your TV. This essentially allows you to pick up your pizza when it arrives without having to miss any moment of March Madness.

How do the Pie Tops II Work?

To be able to make orders and control your TV, the Pizza Hut shoes make use of a Bluetooth connection with your phone and the Pie Tops app. Additionally, the Pie Tops II are also compatible with receivers from Dish, DirecTV, Spectrum, Fios, and XFinity.

Price and Availability

The Pie Tops II will be released in two variations: red and wheat. Other features that the sneakers boast of are quite notable: “Extreme marinara splash, cheese grater mesh, branded Pizza Hut lace tags, extra ‘cheese pull’ laces, and branded inner soles.” Furthermore, multiple size options will be available. It will also include sizes for women and teens.

As previously mentioned, the Pie Tops II will be available for purchase by the public. Take note, however, that the shoes will only come in a limited run. While they will indeed go on sale, only 50 pairs will be made available. Upon ordering, customers can avail of a two $5.99 two-topping medium pizza deal during the tournament duration.

The sneakers will be sold via Hypebeast, though the actual price of the Pie Tops II has yet to be disclosed. Further details will be shared later on through the Hypebeast and Pizza Hut Twitter accounts.

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