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Top 7 Apps For Apple Watch 2017

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Apps For Apple Watch
PHOTOGRAPH: Pexels | Apple store has more than 20,000 apps available to download for Apple Watch.

The most impressive things about Apple Watch is the selection of apps available compared to its rival platforms. With over 20,000 available to download, the App Store has the potential to be the best in the business and it continues to grow. Wondering what are the best Apple Watch apps for sleep, fitness and travel? Here’s the list of 7 best apps for Apple Watch.

Best Apps For Apple Watch

1. Runkeeper (£free + IAP)

Download Runkeeper

Runkeeper is perhaps the most popular Apple watch apps. It has been a long-time favorite of healthy folks and also happens to have a snazzy Apple Watch app. In an older Apple Watch, Runkeeper communicates with owner’s iPhone and provids updates on current progress.

In Apple Watch Series 2 you can turn off Run With Phone and the app will use your watch’s GPS to build a map of your journey. It is a great app for checking out routes of successful runs.

2. Sleep++ (£free)

Download Sleep++

Most Apple Watch apps feed you information when you’re awake. On the contrary, Sleep++ is almost the opposite! It grabs your information while you’re sleeping. Broadly speaking, the app tracks motion, thereby figuring out how restless you are – and when.

Sleep++ is more responsive when you wake due to watchOS 3’s Background Refresh. It enables you to immediately analyse last night’s sleep. Moreover, the developer notes that charging the watch should not be a concern while using the app overnight.

3. Productive (£free or £2.99)

Download Productive

The Apple Watch Productive app is a smart, basic companion. On launch, it’ll switch to the relevant list, enabling you to quickly check your schedule. After finishing a task you can Tap Done. You can even Tap Skip when you can’t do it on a particular day.

4. Just Press Record (£2.29)

Download Just Press Record

Just Press Record is designed for easily capturing voice memos. The app starts off on Apple Watch as a massive microphone button. You can prod it to start recording. When you’re done, the recording stays safe on your Apple Watch transfers to iPhone when connected.

You can also peruse and playback recent recordings using this app. The only downside is the absence of background playback.

5. eBay (£free)

Download eBay

Through this amazing app you can check your activity, watched and bid on items, and the status of items you are selling. The app is simple to use and you can keep an eye on all your purchases, on sale items and much more.

6. Google Maps

Now Apple Watch users can transport apps on their Watch. The built-in Maps app from Apple is still the most versatile due to excellent maps, directions and now public transport options in some cities including London. The app gives directions for two destinations, home and work. However, it also shows routes recently followed on your phone.

You can  switch between walking, driving and public transport modes through a Force Press on the Watch screen. The cycle routing that the phone app offers isn’t here.

7. Facebook Messenger

The last on the list of best apps for Apple Watch is Facebook Messenger for all of you who just can’t do without this social networking site. Facebook Messenger on Apple Watch got a late start, you can finally respond to those pressing messages from friends and family. You can initiate and reply with a thumbs up or dictate a reply. You can even send Facebook’s smiley face or your current location with the press of one or two taps too.

Those were the best apps For Apple Watch. Which one of them are you currently using on your wearable? Let us know through your comments.

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