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Toshiba AR Glasses Bring ‘Assisted Reality’ to Businesses

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The world of AR — a.k.a. augmented reality — is no longer a foreign concept to many developers and tech-savvy folks. This time around, Toshiba is taking things a little differently when it comes to AR. The company recently revealed their own pair of AR glasses, though as Toshiba explains, their functionality extends beyond what augmented reality really is.

Toshiba AR Glasses: What You Need to Know

It’s worth noting that Toshiba claims their smart glasses to be more of a digital assistant than an augmented reality device. As such, their AR glasses are referred to more as “assisted reality” glasses instead of the classic augmented reality specs. Aimed more at business users, the Toshiba dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses boasts of an integrated micro-display. This allows users to view documents and PDFs from the glasses when worn. It can also scan through items through the use of QR markers.

Toshiba’s smart glasses run on Windows 10 and are also capable of recording and sending photos with its 5 megapixel camera. The smart glasses also feature a head tracking accelerometer, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Additionally, users can also make use of video chat via Skype thanks to Toshiba’s Vision DE Suite. Furthermore, the smart glasses also boast of dual noise cancelling microphones and an ear speaker, making communication with the device all the more efficient.

Who are the Glasses For?

With its file-sharing functionality, Toshiba’s smart glasses are ultimately the ideal device for businesses, as it allows easy communication and transfer of files between workers stationed at the office and those outside doing field work. That said, though it is essentially a wearable computer, its convenience is not necessarily targeted towards the everyday consumer.

The smart glasses are powered by a Toshiba dynaEdge mini-PC that is tethered to the display arm through USB Type-C. This can be attached to a plethora of forms, including construction helmets, a headstrap, and safety goggles. Ultimately, this makes the smart glasses all the more flexible in different work environments. At just three ounces, the headset can also be worn over an existing pair of glasses.


To further supplement their smart glasses, Toshiba will also be offering what is known as an Assisted Reality AR100 Viewer Kit. The kit not only includes the smart glasses themselves, but also a cable clip, USB Type-C cable, holster, and carrycase.

Price and Availability

Toshiba’s dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses are priced at $1899. More details can be found on Toshiba’s website.

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