Trump Archive: Get Access To Over 700 Televised Donald Trump Speeches Here

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Donald Trump Speech
The Donald Trump Archive includes all comments made by Trump. (Credit- Wikicommons)

Now you can listen to Donald Trump Speech anytime, anywhere! The Internet Archive introduced an online repository designed to include all public comments made by Donald Trump including speeches, interviews, debates, and news broadcasts.

The Trump Archive consists of over 780 video clips amounting to over 520 hours of footage to date. You can search through the files using keywords.

The Archive will keep it updated throughout Trump’s presidency. It mentioned in a statement: “hopes to make it more efficient for the media, researchers, and the public to track Trump’s statements while fact-checking and reporting on the new administration.”

Watch All The Donald Trump Speech Here

If you are not a Trump fan, the archive can still be useful for you. You can use the archive for “any creative use: comedy, art, documentaries, wherever people’s inspiration takes them.”

The archive has an editor within it, called Popcorn. Users can cut clips together using this tool.

The Internet Archive is planning to build other such databases, Buzzfeed reported. It said in a statement, “We consider the Trump Archive to be an experimental model for creating similar archives for other public officials.”

The company plans to take help from artificial intelligence in future. The staff members prepared Trump Archive manually. Roger Macdonald told that five Internet Archive employees created the Trump Archive in a week and a half.

Wondering why one needs an archive when everything is just a search away? The Internet loses vital information in many cases. Though most users believe the data on Internet is permanent, it is not.

“As newspapers, companies, and organizations fail and change, often vital information is lost. The web is far more fragile than is generally understood,” said Watzman.

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