Uncharted Movie Script Finally Done: Writer Says It’s Anti-Indiana Jones

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Uncharted movie news
Protagonist Nathan Drake of the Uncharted video game franchise. Image Source: Playstation

Uncharted Movie scriptwriter, Joe Carnahan, recently posted on Instagram stating that he has finished writing the script. The post reads, “Done and Dusted. Now the REAL work begins.” The writer described the script as mind blowing, and will definitely keep faith with its source material.

Done and Dusted. Now the REAL work begins. If there's a more monstrously cool action script in Hollywood right now, I wanna read it, 'cuz this thing is a BEAST.

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Carnahan then went on to describe the script further. The writer called the material as “monstrously cool” and a “beast” of a script. Uncharted video game developer Amy Hennig congratulated Carnahan on Twitter. Hennig now works for EA Games, but is still regarded as one of the prime progenitors of the popular video game franchise.

Uncharted Movie News: The film is “anti-Indiana Jones”

Carnahan caused quite a stir last year when he described the upcoming film as “anti-Indiana Jones”. Gamespot reported last year that scriptwriter Joe Carnahan described the film as the reverse of iconic adventure film, Indiana Jones. In the interview, Carnahan stated that unlike the legendary character, Indiana Jones, Drake is a blatant thief.

The writer then explained how Indiana Jones loves to preserve artifacts, while Drake (rather comically) just wants to steal them and make a profit out of it. Carnahan described Nathan Drake (the protagonist of the Uncharted series) as a loveable rogue. Because of the “anti-Indiana” aspect of the Uncharted series, the game acquired its own unique identity; it has a similar theme with Indiana Jones but has a different character. A true reverse of the Indiana Jones archetype.


Uncharted Movie News: Possible plot and characters

Gamespot reports that the film will retain important plot points from the video game series. Carnahan revealed that key items from the series will appear in the movie. These items include the Drake signet ring that was heavily featured in the first game and the harvest magnet.

Carnahan also revealed that the film will take big elements from the first video game, especially from the Sir Francis Drake storyline. Reports are still unclear if the movie will feature story elements from the other three Uncharted video games.

Reports say that Drake and Sullivan are the only sure characters that will appear in the upcoming movie. Gamespot reported that Joe Carnahan will keep some of the characters from the video games, but their names and personalities have been “reset” or changed to fit the tighter requirements of a movie.

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