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Viral China Zhang Jia Jie Bridge Collapse Video NOT True – Here’s What Happened

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China Zhang Jia Jie
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikipedia | China’s Government temporarily closes the China Zhang Jia Jie Bridge because of the number of tourists visiting it.

A video showing that the China Zhang Jia Jie Bridge had collapsed has gone viral. Netizens have debated in social media whether the said bridge was, in fact, the one that collapsed. The glass bridge opened on Aug. 20, 2016, and became famous for its materials, the news immediately spread like wildfire.

The video showed how 50 people crossed the bridge and how it collapsed leading to multiple deaths and injuries. Reports show that the collapsing of the bridge caused the death of nine people and 41 injuries. However, the bridge that collapsed in the video was not really the China Zhang Jia Jie Bridge in China.

According to Trending News Portal, people finally clarified that the viral video showed the Chu Va 6 Bridge in Vietnam collapsing and not the famous glass bridge. The Chu Va 6 Bridge collapsed three years ago while bringing the coffin of a local official to Chu Va Village. Those crossing the bridge fell nine meters into a ravine full of large and sharp rocks which instantly killed eight people.

Lack Feed reports that the China Government temporarily closed the glass bridge 13 days after its opening. They closed the said bridge from the public because of the overwhelming number of people visiting it. Although no reports of cracks and accidents are mentioned, the bridge is currently undergoing a maintenance for preventive measures.

China Zhang Jia Jie Bridge Facts

The China Government has yet to provide any updates as to when the glass bridge will reopen. The famous glass bridge has a length of 430 meters which connects two mountains cliffs in Zhang Jia Jie, Hunan. It sits 360 meters high above a canyon and it claims to be the highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge in the world.

Tourists should not worry about the strength of the famous glass bridge since it can support up to 8,000 people. So long as the number of people does not exceed 8,000, no accidents nor cracks can happen in the glass bridge. Famous Israeli architect Haim Dotan designed the bridge to make sure that it would not collapse like the one in the video.

To build the glass bridge, engineers have placed four support pillars on the edges of the walls of the canyon. A steel frame makes up most of the bridge with more than 120 glass panels as its floors. Each glass panel has three layers and is a two-inch-thick slab of tempered glass.

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