Why the Google Pixel 2 is Better than the iPhone X

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There’s no denying that the iPhone X is a top contender in the arena of smartphones. However, there are several others in the market that give the iPhone X a run for its money. One of them is the Google Pixel 2. Is it any better than the iPhone?

Google Pixel 2 vs. iPhone X

One of the biggest advantages that the Pixel 2 has over the iPhone X is its price. The Pixel 2 is significantly cheaper at $649 for 64GB, whereas the iPhone X is priced at $999 for the same amount of memory. For some, price may be the deciding factor between the two, and it’s clear that the Pixel 2 is the more affordable option.

While neither phone features a headphone jack, they do both come with an adapter that supports the typical wired headphones. In terms of battery life, Google’s Pixel 2 takes the cake as its fast charger adds seven hours of battery life after just 15 minutes of charging. While the iPhone X boasts of wireless charging, the amount of additional battery life that the Pixel 2’s fast charging provides is arguably more impressive and useful.

Though the Pixel 2 only comes with a single rear camera as opposed to the iPhone X’s dual-rear cameras, it is capable of producing photos that are just as good — if not better — than those from its competitor. Both phones have front-facing cameras, but the Pixel 2 is the superior of the two. This is due to its ability to produce selfies that are of the same quality of its rear camera. Some may argue that the iPhone X’s Portrait Mode is of higher quality than that of the Pixel 2’s. Although the iPhone X’s Portrait Mode is crisper, the Pixel 2’s own Portrait Mode is still capable of creating professional-looking images that give the same effect from DSLR cameras.

Of course, the most remarkable difference between the iPhone X and Pixel 2 is the operating system. Whereas the iPhone X runs on iOS 11, the Pixel 2 boasts of Android Oreo. This is a significant tweak as Android Oreo runs rather smoothly on the Pixel 2. Not only does it make for a fluid user experience, it also makes the Pixel 2 the most iPhone-like competitor yet.

Which One Should You Choose?

As is the case with most comparisons, choosing between the iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 all boils down to preference. If you’re an iOS loyalist, then the iPhone X is the way to go. However, given the Pixel 2’s integration of Android Oreo, transitioning from the Apple side won’t be too big of a learning curve this time around should you consider Google’s smartphone.

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