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The Perfect Wireless Charger to Complement Your Apple HomePod

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The Apple HomePod is one of the more recent additions to Apple’s line of products. Some accessories have already been released for the device, such as Pad and Quill’s leather coaster. Most recently, a new iPhone wireless charger seems to take a cue from the HomePod’s design. Enter Native Union’s Drop Wireless Charger: a charging dock that is not only sleek and compact, it also matches the Apple HomePod in its simple aesthetic.

Native Union’s Wireless Charger Looks Like a Mini Apple HomePod

What’s interesting about Native Union’s charger is how great it looks as a complement to the HomePod. With how much it matches the HomePod, the Native Union charger would make for a great addition to one’s own collection of tech. This may be an insignificant factor for some, but it ultimately lets the device stand out in its own simplistic way.

Native Union Wireless Charger: Specs

Besides its looks, the Native Union charger also boasts of a plethora of notable features, such as its 10W charging speeds. Interestingly, the charger not only features support for iPhones, but for Qi-compatible devices as well.

With its silicone tread, the charger can keep your device in place whilst charging. This also prevents overheating. The charger boasts of superior temperature control, which not only increases the overall charging speed, it also makes for stable charging as well.

wireless chargerNative Union

Native Union’s charger can keep your device in place while charging.

Furthermore, Native Union’s charger also feels quite durable. This is thanks to its metal base, which makes the charger’s build feel all the more solid. Its rubberized ring along its bottom also helps keep the charger stay in its place.

Additionally, Native Union claims that their charger operates faster than other competitors in the market. They allege that their charger is capable of charging new generation iPhones 16 minutes faster than other wireless chargers.

Similar to most modern MacBooks, the charger also features a single USB-C port for power input. The charger also comes with a 6.5-foot USB-A charging cable with a genuine leather strap. There’s also no need to remove your phone case, as the charger can charge devices through cases up to 3mm thick.

Price and Availability

Native Union’s charger costs $59.99. It is now available for order. At this price point, the charger costs the same as other alternatives found in Apple’s retail stores. However, if you’re one who likes to have more streamlined devices — especially when you have an Apple HomePod of your own — then Native Union clearly has the upper hand here.

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